Trainings for scientists

Presenting can be nerve-wracking. What if you forget your lines? Or the projector doesn't turn on? What if the audience asks you questions you don't know the answers to? You want to do well, because failing is not an option. But you cannot prepare for everything. How do you stay confident in an important presentation and in unexpected situations?

This playful training shows you how you can have fun while presenting. Even if the stakes are high. You learn how to stay calm if something goes wrong, how to make contact with the audience and how to stand on stage confidently.

Creativity is needed for innovative ideas, to solve complex problems and to gain new insights. In this workshop, we will leave our inner critic behind and appeal to the playful part of the brain. The part that is open to new points of view, inspiration and surprise.

After the training, you will be more connected to your own creativity. You know how to connect your enthusiasm and ingenuity to your research. You can use this to gain new ideas and increase your problem solving skills.

How do you explain in one minute what your research is about? For example, when meeitng someone new at a conference, when applying for funding, or when collaborating with other researchers?

 You learn how to summarize your research in such a way, that the audience doesn't just understand what you are saying - but also wants to know more. Discover how you get your knowledge across, what makes a good build-up and how you make sure you are getting the right questions afterwards.

Even with the most amazing research resulsts, you cannot make an impact on the world - unless you communicate about it. You will have to do outreach.
Outreach is a broad term and it can be hard to know where to start. This workshop gives you the tools to get your research the right attention in the right place.

We will work on different aspects of outreach. How do you talk to a journalist? How do you brand yourself? But also: How can you communicate though your own (social media) channels about your own research?